Tricks to be Beer Cool at the Festival

For an ordinary festivalgoer it’s the horror scenario – warm beer. To prevent this, there are many possibilities like the famous stubby holders. But what if you did not find it at the right time; It is beer cool not too hard at a festival with the right tricks.

Cool Beer with Fridge or Cooler

The easiest way to cool beer would be to simply take a refrigerator with you and operate it with the help of a generator or normal power. However, many operators prohibit more frequently the driving of such equipment as the old refrigerators are left lying there and the organizer thus result in high disposal costs. But even in the absence of electricity, there are some creative ways to defy the heat. An example of this would be the classic cool boxes, which can already be purchased for a small fee. With the help of rechargeable batteries this method can provide a long time for cold beer.

Beware of Dry Ice!

Another popular tip to cool beer is to bring ice boxes. Here, an airtight storage item, preferably a cool box, evenly filled with ice and beer cans. The advantage is that even when the ice has melted, still cold water ensures that the beer cans remain pleasantly cold. So you can enjoy your beer cold for at least a day or two at hot temperatures. Alternatively, it is also conceivable to resort to dry ice. Although this is now also banned by some major festival organizers, if it is allowed, it offers a great way to cool beer.

But when dealing with dry ice you should exercise caution. Although dry ice cools for several days, but for this reason is not completely safe. Bottles or cans could burst due to the extreme cold. Even you can burn your hand in the freezing cold – exactly, burn on ice.

All the Tricks to Cool Beer

So let’s check it out what are the rest options to keep your beer cool except the above two,

  • Isolated coolbox with cold packs
  • Isolated coolbox with crushed ice
  • Socks method
  • Bury
  • Cooling jacket for draft beer

Regardless of which option you decide, with these tricks you never have to worry about how to serve chilled beer in a summer party. With a glass of cold beer, you can enjoy the popular festival games, such as Flunky Ball and make even more fun.

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